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Dental Abscess

What is a dental abscess?

If the nerve (pulp) of a tooth gets infected, then it is possible that the infection can spread, sometimes resulting in an abscess. The abscess remains present at the very end of the root tip inside the gum. The symptoms of an abscess will range from a mild throb, through to possible excruciating pain, this is due to a build-up of pressure and puss in the area. The soft tissues in the area can also become swollen, in some cases causing the face to swell. The tooth can become very tender to bite on and may sometimes feel slightly ‘high’ or risen.

A course of antibiotics are effective in reducing / eliminating the symptoms of a dental abscess but they do not treat the cause of the problem.  Once the symptoms are under control / treated it is then important to think about the long term treatment of the tooth to prevent the problem re-occurring.  The 2 most common treatments for an infected tooth are an extraction or a having Root Canal Treatment on the tooth.

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