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Root Canal Treatment

Just the name of this treatment puts most patients off! But root canal treatment is a routine procedure that we carry out all the time, and it’s very successful. We only recommend root canal treatment if you need it (the same goes for any of our dental treatments), and root canals are always carried out under local anaesthetic so you won’t feel any pain.

Q. What exactly is root canal treatment?

A. Root canal treatment is used to remove infection, or when the nerve inside the tooth is

dying or has died.


In the early stages of this happening you might not always have any pain, but the tooth may

become darker in appearance. In most cases we can show you the infection or abscess on

your x-ray.


Unfortunately, once a tooth has been clinically diagnosed with an infection/abscess, the only

way to rid the tooth of the problem is to have a root canal filling, or have the tooth removed.

Every patient is different and so these options will always be discussed thoroughly with you

before commencing treatment.


Our dentists at Whitchurch Dental Studio are highly experienced at undertaking this very

skilled procedure.


Q. What can I expect if I have root canal treatment?
A. You’ll be given local anaesthetic so you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. We’ll always try to complete root canal treatment in one visit, but depending on a number of different factors occasionally you may need a second appointment (there will be no charge for this)


Q. Talk me through the process of root canal treatment:


  1. We will clean out all the canals infected inside the tooth and prepare them for the root filling

  2. A series of x-rays will be taken throughout your appointment, for reference

  3. The root filling is then placed inside the canals and sealed off permanently

  4. We then place a temporary filling in the top of the tooth for 1-3 months. This gives the tooth chance to settle and to confirm that the treatment has been successful, before completing the treatment with either a permanent filling or crown.

  5. Occasionally after treatment a course of antibiotics may be required if the infection is, or has been, severe or persistent.

  6. In some cases we will recommend a dental crown to give extra support.

  7. Thereafter you should care for your root filling the same way you do all your other teeth – brush them for 2 minutes, morning and night! And make regular appointments to see our dental hygienist.


Q. What’s the success rate of root canal treatment?

A. At Whitchurch Dental Studio our root canal fillings are highly successful, but no dentist

will (or should) promise you that root canal filling is 100% guaranteed. It’s a complex

treatment and there is a small chance the infection will return. In this case the root canal

treatment can be repeated or in rare cases we will refer you to an Endodontist who

specialises in this type of treatment.


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