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Most people have fillings of one sort or another. They are used to fill cavities (holes in your teeth) and protect them from further decay.

Q. Can I have a natural looking filling?

A. At Whitchurch Dental Studio, we use a range of materials and the latest state of the art technology, so fillings look natural.  We will discuss all of the following options with you:

Glass Ionomer Fillings

  • Tooth coloured

  • Can release fluoride to help prevent further decay

  • Very little preparation needed

  • Bond directly to the tooth

  • Fully set within 24 hours


Composite Fillings

  • Tooth coloured

  • Strong

  • More preparation time needed

  • Made from powdered glass quartz, silica or other ceramic particles that are added to a resin base

  • Dentist will choose a shade to match your teeth

  • Filling built in stages with a special gluing process, then shone and set with a light

Amalgam Fillings

  • Traditional fillings containing mercury
  • Silver in colour
  • Easier to place especially in areas where moisture control is diffucult

Porcelain Inlays

  • Tooth coloured

  • Hard wearing

  • Designed to sit on/inside the tooth

  • Two visits required - first to prepare the inlay and second to fit it

Fillings vary in cost, and will depend on the size, type and time it takes to complete your treatment. Our dentist will advise you on what kind of filling is most suited to you and let you know the cost before we start. We believe in only ever placing tooth coloured fillings in our younger patients.

Q. What else can I expect when having a filling?

A. For peace of mind we always offer a local anaesthetic for fillings and we have an orange flavoured topical gel that can be applied before the injection. However, very often our patients find they don’t need any anaesthetic at all.

Please call Whitchurch Dental Studio on 01948 661139 to arrange a dental consultation to discuss your filling/s or contact us here

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