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Improve your appearance and confidence with dentures from Whitchurch Dental Studio.

Q. What is a denture?
A. A denture is a prosthetic device used to replace a single tooth. It can either be fixed or removable. You might need dentures to replace a missing tooth or teeth owing to:

  • Periodontal disease (an advanced form of gum disease)

  • Decay, also called a cavity or dental caries

  • An accident, where you have lost a tooth/teeth through a hard knock

The Benefits of Dentures

  • Dentures are often more affordable compared to dental bridges or implants

  • Well-made dentures can make chewing and even talking easier, by replacing a single tooth, several teeth or a full arch with a removable replacement

  • They prevent your existing, healthy teeth from moving/sliding out of position

  • Normally they require no surgery or invasive procedures

  • Modern day dentures and materials can be made to look just like your old teeth and are much more comfortable than they used to be

Types of Denture
At Whitchurch Dental Studio we offer Valplast flexible acrylic dentures, the most comfortable, flexible and easy to maintain dentures available. We also offer standard acrylic and chrome dentures too and will recommend the best option for you at your initial consultation.

Valplast dentures are mainly used as partial dentures, replacing several teeth but not a full arch. For full dentures, we use standard acrylic and chrome alternatives.

Valplast dentures at Whitchurch Dental Studio

  • Made from flexible acrylic – super thin but ultra strong

  • comfortable and easy to maintain

  • No metal frame

  • No bulky feeling

  • Blend in with your gums

  • Move naturally when you’re talking or chewing

Q. What can I expect when having new dentures?

A. There are 4 main stages to making a denture, and each can take up to 1 week.

  1. We take first impressions of your whole mouth, both top and bottom, so we can createyour own custom made trays.

  2. We take second impressions of your mouth with your new trays, which gives our dentist a much more accurate picture. A recording of how your teeth bite together is also taken.

  3. At your third appointment you get to try the teeth in your mouth, however, at this stage they are only set in wax. This gives you the opportunity to check you are happy with their shape, size and colour and for our dentist to check and confirm a comfortable, correct bite.

  4. What it's all been about - your dentures are fitted and you can get used to your new smile!

We do like to see you for a follow up review appointment 2 days after being fitted with your new dentures. Occasionally dentures can require some adjustments to help them settle in faster and so this appointment allows us to check on your progress and make any final alterations we think are needed for your comfort.

Please call Whitchurch Dental Studio on 01948 661139 to arrange your FREE denture consultation or contact us here

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