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Dental Implants at Whitchurch Dental Studio


Q. What is a dental implant?

A. A dental implant is a titanium metal rod which replaces the root part of a tooth. It is placed into the jawbone and used to support one tooth, several teeth or even a full arch of teeth.

At Whitchurch Dental Studio we can offer our patients the use of dental implants not only for spaces and gaps but also to stabilise loose or ill-fitting dentures you may have had from another dentist.

  • Single tooth replacements

A dental implant doesn’t affect your other teeth, simply replaces the lost one


  • Replacing multiple teeth

There are no metal clasps and adhesives like partial dentures, and whereas partials rest on the gum and leave a gap underneath, implants mimic the natural tooth root


  • A full dental arch
    Unsupported dentures rest on gum tissue and can cause discomfort, irritation and pressure if they are not correctly fitted. Dental implants simulate the jaw bone to provide separation from gum tissue to maintain long term bone quality.


Q. What can I expect when having a dental implant?


  1. Step one is a full consultation to discuss dental implants with you. Not everybody is suitable so we’ll only recommend this option if we’re happy with your implant area and the health of your gums. You’ll also have a CT scan so we can get a more exact picture.

  2. In most cases, implant surgery is very simple and straight forward. Most of our implants are placed with just a local anaesthetic or sedation is also available. The dental implant surgery is not painful but you may be a bit uncomfortable for the first 48 hours afterwards. You may need an ice pack on the area or ibuprofen and paracetomol.


Looking after your dental implant

The after care of your implant is very important. We will give you detailed advice on how to look after it and we also recommend a hygiene visit every 3 months. If you play contact sports we’ll recommend making a mouth guard for you.


Q. Why choose a dental implant from Whitchurch Dental Studio?


  • Dental implants have a very high success rate

  • An ideal solution for a missing tooth/teeth or loose dentures

  • Usually a more cost-effective option over the long term

  • No need to compromise healthy teeth either side of a gap

  • If you have dentures, implants will anchor them into position

  • Patients have said it’s like having their natural tooth back!

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