Children’s Dental Treatment


Children under the age of 12, who have a parent or guardian registered at Whitchurch Dental Studio, are seen and treated on a private basis FREE of charge.


For children over the age of 12, our children’s treatment price list applies until the age of 18 (19 if in full time education).  If they do not have a parent / guardian registered at the practice, the children’s treatment price list also applies.


Childhood is one of the most important times in a person’s life to try and instill good dental hygiene but we know for various reasons it can be a challenge. We believe all children should receive the best preventative dental care possible, so they grow up with healthy teeth and gums.


Some children are excited or curious about seeing the dentist, some children are nervous or downright scared (to be honest, it’s the same for adults). We do all we can to reassure our patients, no matter what their age.


As a new child patient we will assess how healthy your child’s teeth and gums are. We will also look carefully for signs of decay and disease in the teeth and the gums, and review any previous dental treatment.


See our children’s dental price list here



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"A brilliant job, very pleased with the results. I can smile again!! Thanks to all."

- Mr H, Malpas